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How to Destem Leafy Greens

Here’s a quick link to a video by barre3 where I teach you the easiest way (ever) to destem large and leafy greens. You will be happy to save time if you click here.

Sharp Knives Save Time: 2 Quick Videos!

Let me get to the point. Sharp knives and solid knife skills are the most important tools in your kitchen. They will save you time and keep you sane and with all ten fingers intact. Dull knives are more dangerous than their sharper counterparts, and lousy knife skills leave you crying over your onions longerContinue Reading

Cook With Friends + Family

Here’s a recap of some of the most recent cook with dinners! Whew! I’ve been busy cooking and not writing, but rest assured I will continue to update you with inspiration, ideas and stories along the way. For now, here’s a host of photos to inspire! These are from the most recent hands on dinnerContinue Reading