A Visit to Gale Meadow Farms!

A Visit to Gale Meadow Farms!

Added by Contributor, Daniel Miller (Creative Director of the Open Kitchen)

Gales Meadow Farm is a charming 9 acre farm out in Forest Grove.  We rolled up in a vintage car and walked up to the well-used deck off the front door.  Anne Berblinger greeted us, we chatted about the unlooked for break from the day’s showers, and then she took us on a tour of the farm.

Rene’ and Anne purchased the land in 1999 and started to cultivate the soil with loving attention.  Gales Meadow farm grows 300 varieties, many of them are vegetable starts that they sell at farmers markets.  Rene’ and Anne enjoy finding pepper seeds from far off lands, planting and growing them out in the Forest Grove to see whether they enjoy the unique NW weather conditions.   They had had a success growing the gypsy pepper, but Monsanto bought the seed stock and the Berblingers stopped growing that varietal.

The Berblingers put great pride in the integrity of their seeds.  They only purchase seeds from companies that have the Safe Seed Pledge: certified not to be genetically modified.   Many of those seeds are European sourced seeds.

Along with the seed exploration, the Berblingers are always focused on making their farm more intimately in tune with local nature.  They are slowly transferring to a living mulch (i.e. clover), have a thriving bee colony, and have started raising ducks and will hopefully be able to sell duck eggs in the spring.

Gales Meadow Farm sells produce at the Hillsboro farmers market, the Hollywood farmers market, and the Cannon Beach farmers market.  Abby’s Table, Nostrana and the Open Kitchen all receive beautiful produce from this picturesque little farm.



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