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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle by making meals a celebration with loved ones.

Fr0m 2008-2015 Abby’s Table offered celebratory dining experiences, hands on cooking parties, classes for the home chef, and lifestyle tips for a delicious life. 

Learn more about why Chef Abby is focusing on hands on cooking as a way to change the world.

Food should be fun and accessible to all types of eaters.


Pure, natural, organic ingredientsSource pure, natural and organic items at all costs.  We are careful and responsible in our production practices from the root source to your table.

We believe in the power of yum.  Healthy food must taste delicious in order for your body to truly reap the health benefits over time.

We wish to strengthen a healthy food culture in America, one table at a time.  Food tastes better when shared, savored or enjoyed sitting down with loved ones.


Abby’s Table hosts pop up dinners and caters events that feature local produce in beautifully themed, seasonally inspired meals.  Menus are always 100% gluten, dairy and soy free, with an omnivore and vegan option to please any palate.  Abby’s Table offers private hands-on cooking classes, featuring original recipes and Abby’s favorite cooking techniques. Also check out Abby’s blog for food lifestyle tips, recipes and to track her cookbook writing adventures! 


Chef Abby Fammartino at workABOUT ABBY

Abby Fammartino has been celebrated as a healthy “dinner party diva” by Bon Appetit Magazine and Portland Monthly Magazine for making healthful eating entertaining and a delicious experience for all. Since graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Food and Health in New York City, Abby’s culinary endeavors have fed the likes of diners at Greens in San Francisco, private chef clients in Philadelphia, New York and Seattle, supper club guests and party goers in Portland, and even scientists and oceanographers on a National Geographic charter in the Aleutian Islands to hunt down a WWII submarine. Among her specialties Abby is able to easily craft inventive and delicious allergy-friendly cuisine that everyone loves. An avid traveler, she brings worldly twists on local and seasonal ingredients to her recipes.