A Day of Gratitude

Today, I am thankful for my family, my friends, my wonderful customers, and turkeys, which is currently in my oven.  In September, a couple of my awesome employees and I went to visit the Inspiration Plantation, a farm in Ridgfield, Washington.  There we played with the farm dogs and billy goats, chased Charlie the chicken, and stood in awe of the presence of these beautiful heritage turkeys.  I ordered a few for Thanksgiving, and as mentioned, one of these guys is in my oven as I type!

Now is a time to reflect on how what we can each be thankful for, which is unique to each of us.  My sister Kristy is currently thankful for the frosted gingerbread cake I brought home from last night’s dinner; my niece Enza is currently thankful for the ice dancing on television (such a treat!) and my littlest niece Vera is thankful that her cousin Theo is learning to play nice and not palm her head like a basketball. 🙂

Enjoy the ones you spend this day with, and the special, warm moments that this day brings along with all the food.  Yay to a gluten free Thanksgiving!



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