Always Prepared for Adventure

This is MacGyver’s original tagline. And what you likely don’t know is that MacGyver is my kitchen spirit animal. I LOVE to take adventures, and I LOVE to make each cooking moment an adventure, from teaching a class to catering a luncheon or making myself the quickest dinner imaginable.
I am all about adventure.

And I am always ready for it, with these three things.
Note: this may be so simple you won’t believe it. Having these three items on hand at any moment makes cooking on the fly a voyage worth taking.
Kitchen MacGyver Must Have #1: A LEMON
Lemons to me are like paperclips to MacGyver. They bring the idea together. Lemons act as a flavor “brightener,” and boy do things taste better when they are bright. The lovely lemon also allows us to use less salt to finish a recipe. Shabam.
Kitchen MacGyver Must Have #2: COCONUT OIL
It’s not just a beauty product or a superfood! It happens to be the most stable of cooking oils in the dairy free arena. Which means you can use it for just about anything! Whereas olive oil is too finicky for panfrying, roasting or baking on it’s own, lean on coconut oil like MacGyver leans on thread.
Kitchen MacGyver Must Have #3: A SWEET POTATO
Yes, a sweet potato. Just one. It’s all you need to have a ready to boil-and-mash binder in quinoa cakes, or to fill the shoes of the grain that left your plate when you decided to eat less grain overall. Eat it with eggs for breakfast, make it into a quick soup, you get the idea. Keep one on hand on the regular.
Here is a recipe that includes all three!
Make some magic in your kitchen! And of course I’d love to join you, if you are interested in cooking with me. Like MacGyver, I live to travel:)
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