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The Cook With Philosophy

Reposting this from 2013 when I started the CookWith project. This still resonates with me deeply as the way I approach cooking as a way to heal and hold people together. I also thought it is a timely reminder for this season of friendship, sharing, offering and receiving. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

COOK WITH: Love. Lemon. Your Mom. Olive Oil. Rutabaga. Your neighbor. Garlic. Kale. Your best friend. Ginger. Your best friend’s boyfriend. Summer tomatoes. Basil. Lemon Verbena. Your hubby. Pumpkin. Chickpea Miso. Coconut Oil. Your sister(s). Hazelnuts. Scallions. Yams. Your co-workers. Kabocha Squash. Your niece. Spring Asparagus. Radish. Hand picked apples. Zeal. Kale. Your nephew. Onions. Quinoa. Wild Fish. Local Meat. Your Dad. Rosemary. Raw Honey. Your whole family. Cardamom. Coconut Milk. Limes. A new friend. Bok Choy. Apple Cider Vinegar. Laughter. Cinnamon. Carrots. An old friend. Chickpeas. Mint. A teacher. Sea Salt. The seasons. Turmeric. Cumin. What you have in your pantry. Gratitude. Your grandma. Beets. Old recipes. Broccoli. Celery Root. New ingredients. Wine. Oregano. A glass of wine in hand. Music. A whole chicken. Parsnips. Homemade Stock. Cinnamon Sticks. Care. Fresh Berries. Your heart. Flowers. Love.

In the meantime, I will be cooking with my family over the next months:


With Love from my family to yours, Abby

Cook With Friends + Family

Here’s a recap of some of the most recent cook with dinners! Whew! I’ve been busy cooking and not writing, but rest assured I will continue to update you with inspiration, ideas and stories along the way. For now, here’s a host of photos to inspire! These are from the most recent hands on dinner… Continue Reading

Cook With Lessons Thus Far.

I had no idea going into this year long cookbook writing project that I’d learn so much from the people I cook with each month. It’s a breath of fresh air to me that 1). People are so open about what they know and 2). People are very open about what they do not know.… Continue Reading

The Lovely Lemon Situation.

I’ve been taking lots of cues from every cooking situation. And I’ve been bringing a lot of lemons with me. What do we make when life gives us lemons? Lemon Pudding! Lemon Oregano Chicken! (coming soon) Rosemary Pesto with lemon! Honey Cake with lemon! (also coming soon) T’is the season of bright, zesty flavors and… Continue Reading

There are never too many cooks in the kitchen

There are never too many cooks in the kitchen at The Portland Kitchen! The students did an amazing job preparing a seasonal dinner for 80 people, practicing some of what they’ve learned so far in their after-school program taught by Chef Arielle. I love helping out with this group, they do amazing work empowering high… Continue Reading

Cook With: the High School Cooking Club

Me and Cooking Club go way back. All the way back to 1998, when one of my best friends, Nick Eaton, and I started a cooking club with the generous help of my mother. Here is a shot of the CCHS Culinary Club of Canton, Ohio, in 2000. Nick and I reunite this May to… Continue Reading

Cooking “Hash” with College Kids

Cooking “Hash” with College Kids

Breakfast Hash with eggs and veggies, of course! What were YOU thinking?!? Here is Celeste, a freshman student, preparing the ingredients for her local vegetable breakfast hash. I had the pleasure of being invited by an Abby’s Table fan, Honors Program Chair Ann Marie Fallon, to teach a class last week for students of the Portland… Continue Reading

Lemons and Rainbows

Lemons and Rainbows

  It’s a good thing all the winter rain leads to rainbows and, well, spring seasonal recipes! This is the time of year that I often see rainbows around Portland as the weather shifts from sudden rain to pockets of sunshine. This is also when I crave the bright, cleansing flavor of lemon to brighten… Continue Reading

Cook With: Heart + Sole

I can’t take any creative claim to the name of the February CookWith DInner Party menu that will appear in my upcoming cookbook. Appropriately (since the point of the cookbook is to engage home cooks in the creative cooking process with me) a guest preparing the menu alongside me and his friends conjured up the… Continue Reading

Cooking with the Portland Kitchen High Scool

Cooking with The Portland Kitchen! High School after school culinary program in action: the first day learning poultry and practicing vegetable cooking techniques! Brings me back to my high school days with the Culinary Club! They made three of my favorite chicken dishes: Bay Leaf Roasted Chicken, Chicken Picatta, and Chicken with 40 Cloves of… Continue Reading

Cook With: Love + Pudding.

Maybe you know me from my pudding days at  Abby’s Table. Yep. Just like these tartlets, I actually had days full of pudding. Lucky, I know. In gallon and a half batches, pudding is messy, but always delicious. It was the Dream Date (my favorite, shown above), that created a cult following, trailed closely by the decadent, spiced Nude Pudding . As… Continue Reading

Cook With: Confidence

“I feel like I can go home and cook anything right now, big or small. And have it taste good and be good for me.” – Candace Cohu First round of the cook with project dinners, done! And what Candace, a dinner attendee, said before leaving, made my whole weekend. It’s about kitchen confidence, really.… Continue Reading

Cook With: Order

Well today begins it all. The first time I go into someone’s home to teach the art of the dinner party, and get cooking with some awesome people here in Portland. This is the menu I’ve been testing all month. Fortunately, I get to start with my friends! In the spirit of transparency, I am… Continue Reading

Cook With: Amaranth, Part I

Amaranth. The power-packed little brother to quinoa. Also a supergrain, although in fact amaranth is a seed, not a grain. It’s super high in protein and chock full of complimentary amino acids and minerals, more so than other gluten free grains. Amaranth is where it’s at. Ok, what to do with it? Because it is… Continue Reading

Cook With: Equal Part Intention and Invention.

Here is a shot of my home stove in action. Nothing fancy. Nothing wildly professional, apart from a lot of well-used le creuset and useful tools hanging above the stove. Yes, I do have a kitchen buddha. It’s a happy symbol and my little reminder to cook with equal parts intention and invention, everyday. This… Continue Reading

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