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Cook With Friends + Family

Here’s a recap of some of the most recent cook with dinners! Whew! I’ve been busy cooking and not writing, but rest assured I will continue to update you with inspiration, ideas and stories along the way. For now, here’s a host of photos to inspire! These are from the most recent hands on dinner party in Canton, Ohio – my hometown! I was fortunate enough to get to cook with some of my favorite people who I grew up with as my aunts and uncles. More photos to come, and a more in depth recap of the cooking lessons I’ve been learning (and teaching) along the way!

Stop at Kookoolan Farms

Stop at Kookoolan Farms

Farm day included a stop to @Kookoolan farms to visit and taste mead for an upcoming cookbook by owner Chrissie! These are all my glasses. #lovemyjob #farmtoglass Continue Reading

Farm Tour Day

Farm Tour Day

Farm tour day! Gorgeous fields @creativegrowers in forest grove. Hint: Site of July 26th pop up dinner! #savethedate #farmsupper Continue Reading

Recipe Testing

Decisions, decisions. Chocolate mousse recipe testing for next weeks cook with dinner in Portland then Corvallis! #dairyfree #chocolatelove #cookwithproject Continue Reading

#love and #brusselsprouts with Jason from @osomarket! Prep for tonight’s pop up, 70 lucky guests. Xoxo Continue Reading

Snowed-in Culinary Adventure

The tasty byproducts of a snowed-in weekend at home! Gluten free dairy free magic in the kitchen with my love, Mr. Eric Hickey. Gluten free Pistachio crusted Sole with Lavender Honey Carrots, Broiled Lettuce and Crispy Potatoes for dinner improvisation #1. #2: Dutch Banana Baby Cake for breakfast. Snow is good. Continue Reading

Let’s talk stuffing. What are you folks making out there? What is your favorite type of stuffing? Is anyone taking on a new recipe? I’ve been dreaming of sage and apples from last year. This year my mom takes there reigns again and will make my great grandma’s recipe, which is Spanish: has chestnuts, green… Continue Reading

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