Cook With Dinner Parties

Cook with: Friends. Family. Co-workers. Seasonal produce. Bright flavors. Joy. Confidence. Order. Improvisation. Health. Love. Abby’s Table.

What is a Cook-With Dinner Party?

A Cook With Dinner Party is an experiential, three course dinner where you cook with your co-workers or friends with the hands-on guidance of a professional chef. An entertaining, social and educational experience that feels more like a dinner party than a cooking class. Each hands on experience features a delicious seasonal menu and is hosted in our Laurelhurst supper club location with Chef Abby and staff.  Gain kitchen confidence, be inspired to cook more at home, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, all while having a lot of fun. All menus are naturally gluten, dairy and soy free. Want to learn more about why Abby is doing these parties? Click here for the back story.

“Cooking with Abby is like cooking with your best friend. I can’t wait for next cooking lesson!” – Kait Hurley

The Benefits

  • find more time to cook by learning how to be more efficient in the kitchen
  • learn how to cook and enjoy a restaurant quality meal at home with friends
  • learn how to relax by cooking
  • gain better health benefits by cooking with fresh, whole foods
  • gain better health by knowing what goes into your food
  • enjoy life more by having a food experience with co-workers and friends!

Testimonials from Cook With Dinner Party attendees:

“Family, friends and food – the best of combinations all whipped together into a wonderful time by Chef Abby Fammartino.  Abby makes fancy and flavorful do able and fun.  If there are dietary restrictions Abby always has a delicious and creative culinary answer.  Her recipes are the best I’ve ever come across.  The expertise and conviviality she brings to your kitchen are impressive.  Abby is personable, warm and talented and we can’t wait to have her back.” – Mary Hurley

“A magical evening of friends and delicious food! Cooking with Abby was amazing – She’s fun, generous, a wonderful teacher, and all the dishes were so easy to make. I’ll absolutely be cooking them again, and will be employing the super helpful cooking techniques we learned. Yum!” – Melanie Nead

“This experience was super helpful. Simple explanations of chopping were nice, great to hear suggestions without having to ask a question. Cleaning as you go and reusing dishes made it less overwhelming. It was all really easy, and I don’t cook!” -Annie Hartman

“It felt like a delicious education. I liked that your recipes were interesting but accessible, and also outside of my comfort range. The way you spread out the prep was very helpful and smart. So so so yummy!” – Nicole Warren

“Can’t wait to cook these recipes again! I feel like I can now go home and cook anything, big or small.” – Candace Cohu


Northwest Inspired

Beet Fritters with Chive Sour Cream … Wild Fish with Fennel-Walnut Tapenade, Crispy Bacon … Spring Ratatouille with Roasted Rhubarb … Local Greens and Snap Pea Salad with Lavender Vinaigrette … Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries

Greek Inspired

Avgolemono (Dill and Lemon Soup) … Grilled Local Lamb or Stuffed Portobellos with Mint Cucumber Tzatziki … Glazed Beets, Fennel, Asparagus with Wild Greens … Kolokithopitta (Zucchini-Chard Fritters) … Honey Lemon Cake with Rose Coconut Whip Cream

Italian Summer

Chilled Cucumber and Pea Soup with Mint and Flatbread Crackers … Peppercorn and Garlic Crusted Wild Fish with Blistered Sungold Tomato Sauce … Zucchini Ribbons and Green Beans with Torn Basil … Grilled Apricot, Fennel and Summer Lettuce Salad with Smoked Cherry Vinaigrette … Gelato de Crema (or Pannacotta) with Roasted Figs and Almond Biscotti


Contact Abby directly to schedule a Cook With Party.

Please note: Chef Abby is not booking any new classes until after August 15th, 2015.


Want to schedule a private cooking class instead of a party?

Awesome! I look forward to cooking with you! Contact Abby here and specify your interests, along with dates/times that work for your schedule.