Cook With: Heart + Sole

I can’t take any creative claim to the name of the February CookWith DInner Party menu that will appear in my upcoming cookbook. Appropriately (since the point of the cookbook is to engage home cooks in the creative cooking process with me) a guest preparing the menu alongside me and his friends conjured up the menu title (this guy below!)

His title reflects the season (Valentine’s Day), the theme (romantic Italian) and the menu (yep, wild sole is the main course).

The Heart + Sole Menu

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

Sole Roulades with Arugula

Radicchio, Fennel and Yellow Beet Salad

Crispy Broccoli with Chili Flakes

Chocolate Chestnut Cake with Amaretto Caramel

The Wachs (host couple!)

We sharpened our knives, made sure everyone had a drink nearby, and collectively cooked this seasonal Italian dinner.

I taught efficient ways to set up the dinner ahead so you don’t have to juggle all the dishes at once, focusing in particular on vegetable prep and a hearty salad that can be made a day ahead.

There was lots of laughter, joking, and of course lots of love and care put into the preparation.

Risotto requires a lot of heart.

Literally, it requires patient attention and admiration, as you stand planted in front of the pot, stirring and infusing good vibes into the dish. Here the host stirs in happy thoughts with care.

I can’t add “love” as an ingredient on the recipe list. However! I can at least suggest cooking these recipes with good spirits and an open heart.

This great group of six friends succeeded in cooking with an open mind and generally with lots of laughter and ease. I felt at home in their kitchen!

It was friends around a table, enjoying delicious food, cooked collectively. A celebration of Heart + (Soul), and friendship.

Find the Wild Sole Roulade Recipe here, and a version of the Radicchio Salad here. And if you are interested in hosting your own cook with dinner, be in touch!

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