Cookbook Available!

Cookbook Available!

I am pleased to announce the release of my first cookbook! Available for purchase now here and on Order soon to receive your books in time for holiday gifting!


Featuring 100% gluten, dairy and soy-free, vegetarian and vegan sauces and vegetable recipes for every eater.

“Take a beautiful, well-grown, ripe vegetable.

Prepare it well to accentuate the natural properties and flavor. Then top it off with a brilliant, bold, and colorful sauce.

I’ve chosen to focus this cookbook on what I truly think are the most important types of recipes to have in your kitchen “toolbox.” Meals come together in a pinch when you have on hand a couple of tasty toppings or dipping sauces that suddenly pull everything together into a cohesive meal. Roasted cauliflower shines alongside a slightly spicy romesco sauce; squash and sage, happy bedfellows, take a quick bath in hot coconut oil, then pair with the vegan lemon aioli to make for a pleasurable eating moment.

This is the magic of the kitchen.

Vegetables, whether raw, panfried to a crisp in coconut oil, or perfectly roasted, are an essential part of life. However, not everyone lines up at the kitchen table for plain-Jane greens and unseasoned tubers. To make healthful ingredients work to support a vibrant lifestyle, it’s important to dress them up just right.

I hope you enjoy this collection of my most popular sauces and side dishes, and that these recipes inspire you in the kitchen.

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