Featuring 100% gluten, dairy and soy-free, vegetarian and vegan sauces and vegetables for every eater from Portland-based Chef Abby Fammartino, owner of Abby’s Table.

Take a beautiful, well-grown, ripe vegetable.

Prepare it well to accentuate the natural properties and flavor. Then top it off with a brilliant, bold, and colorful sauce.

This is the magic of the kitchen. Vegetables, whether raw, panfried to a crisp in coconut oil, or perfectly roasted, are an essential part of life. However, not everyone lines up at the kitchen table for plain-Jane greens and unseasoned tubers. To make healthful ingredients work to support a vibrant lifestyle, it’s import- ant to dress them up just right.

I’ve chosen to focus this cookbook on what I truly think are the most important types of recipes to have in your kitchen “toolbox.” Meals come together in a pinch when you have on hand a couple of tasty toppings or dipping sauces that suddenly pull everything together into a cohesive meal. Roasted cauliflower shines alongside a slightly spicy romesco sauce; squash and sage, happy bedfellows, take a quick bath in hot coconut oil, then pair with the vegan lemon aioli to make for a pleasurable eating moment.

It’s hard to eat saucy vegetables or main dishes standing up or driving in your car. I love them for this reason, among many others. The recipes in this cookbook should call you to the table, where you can sit and relish in the work you’ve done to create something sublime. Enjoy each bite, and everything will taste better.

We need to eat every day, multiple times a day. And though we continue to have more access to ready-to-go, prepared foods that leave our kitchens clean and our ovens cold, it also becomes increasingly difficult to eat for health when relying on packaged and restaurant foods alone. All my recipes are naturally free of gluten, dairy, and soy (three of the most common food allergens) so that you can cook for every type of eater and enjoy good health through fresh foods.


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book
by Cherie Calbom and Abby Fammartino