Cooking “Hash” with College Kids

Cooking “Hash” with College Kids

Breakfast Hash with eggs and veggies, of course! What were YOU thinking?!? Here is Celeste, a freshman student, preparing the ingredients for her local vegetable breakfast hash.

I had the pleasure of being invited by an Abby’s Table fan, Honors Program Chair Ann Marie Fallon, to teach a class last week for students of the Portland State University Honors School. Ann really wanted the students to have the opportunity to learn some healthful cooking options on a budget, to encourage the students to take advantage of the nearby farmer’s market and cost savings of cooking from scratch. I focused on recipes that mainly taught practical techniques and knife skills that make cooking a variety of meals easy to do with a limited kitchen set up (a dorm!) I cooked up a storm in my college dorm kitchen, exploring the ins and outs of basic cooking in a limited space area, so I have a particular soft spot for this age group.

Starting first with basic knife skills and a general introduction to the seasonal recipes, we quickly broke off into groups and the students cooked their way through four stations all in the kitchen and community meeting area in the Native America Student and Community Center.

All told, every student had some hands on time cooking the following seasonal recipes:

PSU Honors School Cooking Class Hands On Recipes:

Seasonal Vegetable Stir Fry with Sticky Rice

Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken (or Veg)

Breakfast Hash
with Caramelized Onions 
and Quick Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Quick Everyday Kale Salad

What was most magical to me was that most students stuck around long after the cooking was done, just eating and chatting with each other, meeting new people and building the community of students who are also passionate about learning healthful, easy cooking techniques and using local produce to save money (more meals cooked at home = $$ savings). I can’t wait to teach again once the farmer’s market starts up again!

Here is the breakfast hash recipe that was a big hit among the students. You can switch up the vegetables according to what is in season and looking fresh. This recipe is doable for anyone over 10 years of age, so try it with your kids or young friends! 🙂

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