The Cook With Philosophy

Reposting this from 2013 when I started the CookWith project. This still resonates with me deeply as the way I approach cooking as a way to heal and hold people together. I also thought it is a timely reminder for this season of friendship, sharing, offering and receiving. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

COOK WITH: Love. Lemon. Your Mom. Olive Oil. Rutabaga. Your neighbor. Garlic. Kale. Your best friend. Ginger. Your best friend’s boyfriend. Summer tomatoes. Basil. Lemon Verbena. Your hubby. Pumpkin. Chickpea Miso. Coconut Oil. Your sister(s). Hazelnuts. Scallions. Yams. Your co-workers. Kabocha Squash. Your niece. Spring Asparagus. Radish. Hand picked apples. Zeal. Kale. Your nephew. Onions. Quinoa. Wild Fish. Local Meat. Your Dad. Rosemary. Raw Honey. Your whole family. Cardamom. Coconut Milk. Limes. A new friend. Bok Choy. Apple Cider Vinegar. Laughter. Cinnamon. Carrots. An old friend. Chickpeas. Mint. A teacher. Sea Salt. The seasons. Turmeric. Cumin. What you have in your pantry. Gratitude. Your grandma. Beets. Old recipes. Broccoli. Celery Root. New ingredients. Wine. Oregano. A glass of wine in hand. Music. A whole chicken. Parsnips. Homemade Stock. Cinnamon Sticks. Care. Fresh Berries. Your heart. Flowers. Love.

In the meantime, I will be cooking with my family over the next months:


With Love from my family to yours, Abby

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