The Culinary Reason Why You Need to Call Your Mother Now…

Mom’s are our first celebrity chef.


Before there was Rachel Ray or Julia Child, there were moms. The women behind our first food memories, making some of the best comfort food we can recall, the food we conjure up in passing moments when we crave the feeling of home.

The future of our culinary legacy rests on the continuation of “Mother Food,” as my food compatriot Lisa Schroeder calls it. Food made from scratch that your mother, grandmother and great grandmother would make and enjoy, with love. 

The shape of our food culture depends on this one call to your mother.
Call your mom and:

Learn from the best, and learn from your own.  Call your mother (or mother-in-law or grandmother or aunt or sister) and get their recipe for that dish you LOVE and that you want to continue seeing on the table in the future. Our family recipes and time spent in the kitchen define our food culture. And chances are your grandma isn’t going to publish a cookbook anytime soon. 🙂 Ask for the recipe, then embrace it as your own, tweaking it until it suits you and how you love to eat, much as I did with these chocolate chip cookies.

Have you recently called your mom just to thank her for giving you the nourishment you needed to grow? For giving you food memories and traditions, both good and bad? In my family we ate sauce and meatballs nearly every Sunday of my life, a welcome and delicious constant in the whirlwind of childhood. Though “Cuban Chicken” went down as the worst meal of our youth, it still warms my heart to think of how we laughed!) And every catering customer who as eaten my bright beet dip has my mom, pictured above, to thank. 

Call your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt or sister. Not just to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, but to thank her for contributing greatly to how you enjoy and eat food today. Take a moment to laugh with her as you recall some food memories, and learn from her through a favorite recipe. Contribute to growing our healthy food cultureby continuing (and adapting) some of mom’s best recipes, to be shared with the next generation of eaters:)

Long live the tradition of mother food!

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