How to Eat for Beauty: Picture Perfect Tips to Feel Your Best

It’s almost wedding season.
And bathing suit season! As summer nears, so do plenty of social engagements where you’ll want to feel and look your best. I get lots of friends and bride-to-be clients ask what to eat to ensure they will feel great for their “big day,” be it their wedding, party or vacation. The most common desires are to look less “puffy” and feel less “bloated”.


To eat for beauty, what you eat (cooling foods like seaweed, cucumber, mung beans, grapefruit) and don’t eat (dairy, processed sugar, soy or grains) matters just as much as HOW you eat. If you are already eating a fresh, healthful diet and still want some better results, this info is for you.


Below are the few tips I always share with those preparing to shine, both inside and out. These are useful to follow when you need to tighten things up a bit! 🙂
#1 FOOD COMBINING: The CliffNotes Version
Help your belly out. Improve how your body receives the food you eat. Here’s how:
1. Avoid fruit and grain combos– they can cause fermentation in your belly and thus, can contribute to gas and bloating. Fruit and nut desserts are a better match or…
2. Eat fruit alone or 30 minutes before other foods for best digestion results. 
3. Focus on two types of meal combinations: meat/fish+vegetables OR grain/legume+vegetables. If you are going to mix meat and grain in one meal, do it at the last meal of the day so your body has time to process overnight. Foods digest at different times through the body, so you never want to make one food wait for the other in your stomach!

Water, like food, is a crucial part of your diet! How you drink it matters.
1. Drink water 30 minutes before or at least 1 hour after meals, not during. 
Too much water dilutes your digestive juices working hard for you while you eat.


2. Start every morning with a tall (32oz) of room temperature water.  

Seems like a lot, but your body will thank you by rehydrating after you sleep! This is a total body game changer.
3. Careful not to oversalt. Salt can cause water retention and since we are talking water, I had to mention it! Boost flavor with lemon juice or vinegar instead of extra salt.

Eating satiating meals rather than grazing all day can help “depuff” your belly. Just like a car, you give it fuel enough to last for a while so you don’t have to stop for gas every hour. Give your body a breather by not eating and drinking throughout the day. Concentrate on nutritious, solid meals and well timed water breaks and if needed, 1 simple snack.
Need a recipe? Drum roll, please! The superhero of beauty foods comes from the ocean. Incorporate seaweed into your diet at least 2-3 times per week (yes, really!), and daily if you are trying to get shiny hair and glowy skin. Who doesn’t want that, by the way? Try this arame recipe, or grab a kelp tincture or supplement if you are feeling fishy about seaweeds:)

Here’s to a Beautiful You,
Chef Abby
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