Enjoy Your Food More.

Enjoy Your Food More.

Want to enjoy your food more? Cook from scratch. 🙂

Ok, want another way?

Think back on a food memory you cherish. What do you recall about this moment? Was it just the taste of the food itself?

Chances are you remember who you were with. Where you were. What the food looked like. If you were outside and it was sunny. The colors, the lighting. The full experience.

Imagine traveling: when you are travel you are not just moving in space – you absorb the sights, sounds and smells that define the experience of traveling. All the senses work together and make moments richly memorable.

Likewise, a food experience does not exist in a vacuum. The most powerful of these moments are transformative, and can shape your lifestyle or outlook on the world. They can inspire you to share it with others.

A solitary meal could be one of the most amazing you ever had, but did you yearn for someone to share it with, so you could exclaim “this is AMAZING!” out loud? If you didn’t yell out, I bet you called, wrote or texted someone shortly thereafter to share how you felt in that moment.

Try something for me this week: recall a special food moment from your life. With that spirit in mind, make a date to eat with or cook with one or more loved ones. Hold the feeling of your food memory in mind as you prepare the food, or sit down to meet them. Revel in the full experience.

Creating a food memory is simple: have the awareness and intention of using more than your tastebuds to enjoy a meal.  Add richness by tuning in to the moment, and you may find you feel a sense of satisfaction before taking your first bite!

Share this email with a friend if you’d think they’d enjoy it, and of course let me know if you have any revelations!

With Love,



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