Fresh Inspiration

Fresh Inspiration


Chef Jason prepping for dinner, Abby in the background updating the dinner menu

Looking for new and creative ways to eat gluten, soy and dairy free? Here are some creative ideas from the chefs in the kitchen at Abby’s Table, Jen and Jason!

It was really hard to narrow down all of the incredible dishes created in the kitchen this past week, not to mention the amazing organic, seasonal produce coming in as well. A few mentioned did stand out. So let’s see what they had to share with us…

Q: What are some of you favorite dishes using Abby’s Table sauces this week?

Jen: We made a borscht soup that we recommended the customer to add a dollop of the horseradish, coconut sauce to. We also made an amazing shrimp and vegetable curry. In addition to the house made curry paste we added the turmeric coconut sauce which adds so much flavor. I also made a coconut granola with apples, strawberries and dream date layered in like a parfait.

Jason: Another great use would be to take the horseradish, coconut sauce and fold it in to mash potatoes and then use the same sauce on the side with a steak to bring the flavor of the meat and potatoes together.

Q: What was one of your favorite dinner entrees this week? can you give us some tips on how you prepared it?

Jen:  So, we used Abby’s Charmoula sauce in a layered Polenta casserole. The Charmoula has a bright, herbed flavor. We sautéed that with a green Swiss chard. With the polenta as a base, we layered the greens with Charmoula and then a layer of black beans and a final top layer of butternut squash. And there you have it! A polenta, vegetable casserole.

Garrett stocking the fresh n’ Go fridge

Jen: I’d also really like to spotlight the smoothie.

Q: Tell us about the smoothie.

Jen: It’s a green lemonade made with kale, salad greens, lemon zest, lemon juice a small amount of agave and blood oranges. Blood oranges are in season right now.Go go blood orange! 

Q: Would you say the lemonade is more tart or more sweet?

Jason: I’d say it’s a good balance of both.
Q: Is it made with organic ingredients? 

Jen: Of course.

Q: And do you make it fresh everyday?

Jen: Yes we do. And now you can pick up a green, lemonade smoothie from our new fresh n’ go menu at Abby’s table along with other goodies we prepare daily on the go from 11:30 AM-7PM!

Fresh n’ Go Menu

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