Halloween Hangover Cures

Halloween Hangover Cures

Happy Halloween!!!

This is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the candy but because it’s an excuse to dress up in costume!

But let’s be honest. Halloween is a day where you get to be someone else, both in costume and in consumption. All those little treats! Candy of all kinds! Temptation and nostalgia loom close.

So in case you decide to eat out of character rather than just wear a wig, here are some remedies to help balance the negative effects of sugar (spaciness, tiredness, bloating, dizziness, anxiety, and the list goes on:)

1. Umeboshi Plums: These powerful alkalizing plums reign from Japan and are a known cure for sugar intoxication (as

well as hangovers). Purchase a bottle of umeboshi plum vinegar or a container of umeboshi plum paste to keep around
for times when you need to reset. Stir a small amount into water, garnish a salad with vinegar, or simply swallow a small amount of paste. Beware! This is super salty/sour in taste! But, enjoy the immediate relief.

2. Lemon: Simply put. Add some juice in hot tea or water, especially the morning after a big sugar dose. Wait 20 minutes to eat breakfast so your body can reset in ph.

3. Kukicha tea: This is a common macrobiotic twig tea that is alkalizing in property. It has a very minute amount of caffeine, so it’s suitable for any time of day.

4. Miso soup: I prefer the chickpea miso myself, but all miso pastes are both alkalizing and good for digestion due to it’s fermented state. Make a small cup of soup with scallions, and relax back into balance.

5. Kudzu: This root starch is great for sugar balance, upset stomachs, and anxiety. Mix 1 Tablespoon in 3 T. water to make a slurry, and stir into 1 cup heating apple juice until it thickens. Now you have a quick fruit pudding that calms the body and aids in rebalancing – it may also help you stop reaching for the candy bowl:)

Keep these items as tools in your kitchen, and you will be armed for any sugar outbreak, holiday or not. 🙂

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