Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Kids to Adults.

“I gotta go, I’m making pesto with Theo.” This is what my sister said to me last week as we got off the phone with each other. Theo is my three year old nephew. Theo also looooves to cook and dons an apron as frequently as he does is fireman hat or astronaut outfit. image

I’ve been writing a lot about cooking with kids this year, which I’ve been doing quite a lot in the last year. Check out my Facebook album devoted to kids:) Since Children’s Day (at least in Japan) is around the corner, why not consider how much kids offer one of the healthiest lifestyle reminders around? Play more! Dive in and do more! Any boring old task can be made better when you use your imagination. Channel your inner child and celebrate children’s day with me by trying one or all three of the following healthy lifestyle tips, inspired by kids:

My nephew Theo (above) is three years old and loves to cook. He dons an (Abby’s Table) apron as frequently as he does is a fireman hat or astronaut outfit. It’s never too early to start involving kids in cooking to teach important lessons about food and the efforts put into cooking. From hand cured veggies to raw oatmeal cookie bites and bacon breakfast “pizza”, kids will eat up these fun experiences.
There is factual data behind the great many benefits the family meal offers to kids and adults alike. Meals at the table typically contain more fruits and vegetables and freshly made food, and provide stable continuity and social interaction that helps build brain development and positive associations with family and food. If you don’t have kids, invite some friends over – family meals are beneficial to grown up “kids” too!
Channel your inner child and be free! Run around outside. Do somersaults. Swing at the park. Play with your food. Fingerpaint. Dress up and be silly! Tactile, hands on, playful experiences generally improve your mood and lower your stress levels, which contributes to overall health and well being. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle by incorporating more play into your everyday life.
Want to learn more about food for kids and families? Sign up for Legacy Emmanuel’s Healthy from Head to Toe event on May 14th  where I’ll be sharing some kid-friendly tips and recipes for the whole family to enjoy!
Party down! Schedule a kids cooking party, or an adult cooking party where you act like kids. Both are just as much fun. 🙂
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