Labor(less) Cooking for Small Gatherings

Labor(less) Cooking for Small Gatherings

Labor Day is around the corner! Time to take a break from the labors of mealtime in addition to your work.

What does a labor-less gathering truly look like, and how is it possible to feed people without any effort?

Order take out, of course.

However! You probably know me well enough by now to guess that I have another option for you OTHER than take out, to enjoy fresh, wholesome food in a celebratory fashion!

Take a break, chill with your friends and loves ones, and follow these four simple tips for a work-free gathering:

1. Employ your guests. I am a big believer that hands on cooking with a group of friends is a powerful tool to accomplishing a meal for a small gathering. Rather than slave over your kitchen counter all day before your guests arrive, plan to simply have washed veggies and some meats ready to marinate, slice and cook with the help of the group. Let the group dictate exact seasonings and preparations – you’ll be surprised by the creative genius of your group! Have some nuts and olives ready for snacking as people cook.

People that cook together stick together. And have lots of fun in the meantime.

2. Consider compostables. Even if it’s just once or twice a year, it’s not a terrible crime to consider compostable plates, wine glasses and silverware to make it super easy for yourself. Go ahead and take a break from dishes! You have permission.

3. Just don’t fuss. Not everyone is Martha Stewart. Keep table decorations simple by having fresh herbs or just whole tomatoes and stonefruit on the table (which can be cut and consumed, if desired). Focus on the fun of being present with friends, and don’t fuss over whether or not your house is clean enough on your extra day off.

 4.  Keep dessert simple. Have you ever grilled a peach before? Divine. Don’t fuss over a cobbler when you can simply use the grill after you are done with the main course for grilling peaches or apricots. For a special touch, melt some chocolate in the center and serve with ice cream.

Have a happy and work-free Labor Day!

Chef Abby


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