Cookies displayed under a glass dome

12/14: 3 Healthy Sauces to Jazz Up your New Year’s Cleanse

8/14: Dish 92 Chefs Support GMO Labeling with their Tasty Food

8/14: Oregon Right to Know Chef Council

5/14: Health for the Whole Family, full video

5/14: Top Portland Chefs + The Portland Fruit Tree Project host Orchard Banquets

7/13: Abby’s Table Goes Mobile

4/13: In The Kitchen Video: Portland Monthly

4/13: High Tolerance

2/13: Eater PDX: Abby’s Table Take Out

2/13: Opening Day Abby’s Table Fresh ‘n’ Go Shop

1/13: Meet & Eat: 10 Top Portland Supper Clubs

1/13: Neighborhood News (News to Chew)

12/12: Eater PDX: Supper Club Abby’s Table Opening Retail Space

11/12: Eater PDX: Abby’s Table Pre-Thanksgiving Feast + Take Out

9/12: TBA’s Snack Office: The Human Vending Machine

8/12: Eyes + Edge Interview with Chef Abby Fammartino

8/12: Portland Mercury: TBA’s Ambitious Food Line Up

8/12: Dirt to Dinner OMSI Event

7/12: Portland Fruit Tree Project’s Orchard Banquet with Chef Abby

7/12: Montavilla Farmer’s Market features Chef Abby Fammartino

7/12: Greek Inspired Dinner at Abby’s Table

7/12: Best of the City 2012: Spring-Fresh Recipes

4/12: Spring Fresh Recipes: Portland Monthly

2/12: 5 Questions for Healthy Dinner Party Diva, EatBeat 

12/29/11 The Open Kitchen Wellness Dinners: EAT BEAT by Portland MonthlyAbby steaming up something delicious

11/23/11 Where to Fake Thanksgiving from Food & Wine Magazine

11/20/11 For the Holidays: Gluten Free Pie Crust Biz Chicks Review

11/4/11 Shout Out! from Amy LeClerc, barre3

Beautiful fruit parfait

9/27/2011  Open Table – Dinner Review Portland Monthly Magazine

8/17/2011 Interview with Abby’s Table at BePortland

8/11/2011 Periodic Weekly Menu Updates – Dinner Review

8/8/2011  Saucy Changes at Abby’s Table – Business Update

8/1/2011 Oregon Wine Press – Gluten Free Devotee – Dinner Review

7/27/2011   Getting Ready for Dinner – PDX Pipeline

11.2010  PDXploration: wheat free wednesday  – Wednesday Dinner – Review

11.2010   Under the Table with Jen – Wednesday Dinner – Review

10.22.2010   Heather Eats Almond Butter – Dream Date – Product Review

10.20.2010 – Review

9.2010   Gluten-Free Living Magazine – Review

9.8.2010  Portland Parenting Examiner – Nude Ranch – Product Review

08.2010  Portland Monthly Magazine  –  Eat and Drink  – 63 Things every Portlander must do – Wednesday Dinners – Review

1.1.09  Urban Growth Bounty – List of classes and review

02.01.09 Natural Solutions Magazine

11.7.09 Gluten-Free Portland – Restaurant review, Abby’s Table Dinner

11.13.09 North Portland Holiday Festival for P:ear Restaurant Guide

11.22.09 Thanksgiving for Lazy People Restaurant Guide – Abby’s Table Dinners

Urban Growth Bounty Series to Launch more Cooking Classes with Abby’s Table

Where to find Gluten-free Food NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness) Online Guide

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