Q.F.T. and Why We Need it to Thrive!

Q.F.T. – Quality Food Time. Are you getting enough?
Life is full of little moments. And each day, you take at least three moments to feed yourself. The importance of how you take food is nearly as important as what’s on your plate. And here’s why.

You know your body needs self-care. It’s a priority on your list (even if it’s not as high on the list as it should be!) Did you know that food digests better when you sit to eat and enjoy longer meals with others?  There have been studies proving that the longer the meal, the greater sense of satisfaction and “soul” feeding experienced by the folks at the table. Often, the people ate less food than they would had they eaten alone and on the run.
I’m currently visiting my hometown in Ohio, preparing to cook for (and with!) loved ones this evening and throughout the week. I am truly soaking up some great Q.F.T. along the way and my body and soul feel satisfied. I’m taking time each day to sit down and chat with people over meals, catching up, laughing, and absorbing all the positive vibes that come from slowing down and creating quality time with others.
I encourage you to bask in the glory of Q.F.T. moments – we truly need them to sustain a healthful diet for the long haul. Feed your soul, maximize your digestion, and extend the enjoyment of a meal and the time spent cooking.
Celebrate with others this Memorial weekend and soak in the Q.F.T. you need.
Find a new recipe and make it this weekend. Your body and your belly will thank you!
Check out photos from the Detroit pop up last week and be sure to get one of the last spots for the June pop up in Portland, and get extra Q.F.T. points with an Abby’s Table dinner!
With Love,
Chef Abby
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