The Revolution You Don’t Want to Miss This Week!

Sometimes our heroes say it best.

I have a short list of heroes and idols. On my list of famous people I’d love to have at my dinner table, there are musicians, comedians, actors, and food heroes. Among other political and revolutionary people, like Bruce Springsteen, I would set a seat for Jamie Oliver in a heartbeat.

For this week’s inspiring post, I am going to let Jamie drive it home.
We share similar missions:
to get more people cooking from scratch as a way to improve overall health and community, and to preserve the cultural tools we need to teach future generations how to feed themselves for life. A tall order that requires the participation of all of you, who are actively committed to eating well and feeling well.


This Friday May 16th is Jamie’s International Food Revolution Day, and YOU can get involved! Consider making one of Jamie’s many recipes, or try some of my recipes for a gluten free/dairy free version. Hop onto Jamie’s worldwide cooking lesson and help break a world record for largest live cooking lesson to date! Psst: adapt his recipe to make it gluten free/paleo by using collard greens in place of the tortilla.

Again I’ll let Jamie answer that one today, and let you decide how much you want to actively create positive changes in the way we cook, eat and gather around our food. Please consider cooking this Friday and feel free to post photos to the Food Revolution Day or toAbby’s Table! I’ll be posting from Detroit as I cook up a storm for a midwest pop up!

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