Sauce Focus

Sauce Focus

This weeks inspiration goes to the delicious sauces from Abby’s Table!

Abby’s Table sauces in 8oz containers and 2oz individual serving sizes!

Abby’s selection consists of:

Nude Ranch, a great raw veggie dip. Also great tossed with hot pasta or roasted broccoli or as a unexpected and creative garnish for soup.

Turmeric Coconut, fabulous when tossed with roasted sweet potato or cauliflower. For a more exotic recipe try this sauce with rice noodles and chicken.

Nude Pudding, which, to be honest, is good by the spoonful, however you could also try a dollop on top of berries or ice cream. This sauce can also be mixed with almond butter to make an unforgettable cake frosting.

Leaning tower of sauces…

Dream Date, paired perfectly on top of pancakes and waffles. You might also try mixing it with granola, oatmeal or yogurt. Charmoula, is a good addition to curry or to marinate chicken with. It’s also a great condiment for eggs as well as a seasoning for vegetables.

Beet Hummusis a perfect dip for crispy cold veggies. it’s also paired well with Mediterranean dishes. Horseradish coconutis great with steak and potatoes as well as a sandwich spread or a condiment when BBQ’n this summer!

In addition to amazing flavor and all kinds of creative and practical uses, Abby’s Table sauces are gluten, soy, dairy and refined sugar free and always made with organic ingredients, cold-pressed and raw.

Available at Abby’s Table are 8 oz jars with pressure sealing liner, Re-useable and Recyclable as well as BPA-free Containers at $6.00 each or you can grab a 2oz individual servings from our new fresh n’ go menu for just $2.00 each!

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