Sharp Knives Save Time: 2 Quick Videos!

Let me get to the point.
Sharp knives and solid knife skills are the most important tools in your kitchen. They will save you time and keep you sane and with all ten fingers intact. Dull knives are more dangerous than their sharper counterparts, and lousy knife skills leave you crying over your onions longer than needed.
Lucky you, I’m committed to helping you stay sharp at every chop with two new videos!
Here are the two things I teach at the start of every cooking lesson and party:
Most people assume a honing stick is the way to sharpen you knife. In reality, the honing stick realigns the edge of the blade on a sharp knife to make it cut better, but doesn’t actually make a dull knife sharper. A whetstone is the way to go. Check out thisquick video on how to make it happen!
Knowing this alone will save you time, headaches and minor (or major) cuts and scraps. It all begins with the onion, like most great recipes. Master handling your knife by chopping onions. Channel your inner Julia Child watching this little video on how to do it right. 
The above photo demonstrates great knife skills honed recently by my Uncle Mac, a uncle by lifelong association, during a recent CookWith dinner party in Canton, Ohio (hometown!) My Uncle Mac has been eating gluten free for most of my life, and it’s an inspiration to cook with him now and my Aunt Jackie, who’s been a gluten free cook since the 80’s! Check out a few photos from the most recent hands on dinner party at their home with very close family friends. We all had a blast!
For as I like to say, sharp knives build friendships and cut inhibitions:)
With Love,
Chef Abby
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