The exciting stimulation of springtime.

The exciting stimulation of springtime.

Have you noticed what’s springing up these days? In my amateur garden outback things are wildly sprouting and greening everywhere I look, including the abundance of dandelions! Eek!

Does your body feel ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, too? If not, no worries. I’ve got your back. Coffee and tea are not your only recourse to a daily wake up. This time of year, as always, nature is good to us, providing just what we need to get that spring back in our step. Here are three stimulating foods to get you moving!

That’s right. The weeds. Though I’m not suggesting eating the ones from your yard. Lean on your local grocery or farmer’s market and buy this super stimulating, bitter green. Naturally bitter, pungent foods stimulate the liver and provide an immediately energy boost. Add dandelion greens in a pesto or chop into a salad with sprouts and get a B vitamin (folic acid) boost as well! Hellooo, energy central!

Spicy greens! Yes, you guessed it. Also in this group are arugula and watercress. Stimulate the liver out of stagnation with these naturally spicy greens. Toss with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing to balance the natural heat as a lunch, and you’ll be awake all afternoon. Promise.

But there are so many! So #3 is a list of my personal favorite spring into action foods: radishes, asparagus, mint, fennel and lemon balm. Did I mention radishes? #1 personal favorite. Don’t neglect the radish greens, too. Other great energy stimulators to use as seasonings this time of year: Apple cider vinegar and raw honey. Hmph. Coffee schmofee.

Ready for action? Try my stimulating spring rolls with ginger mint dressing (or enjoy this recipe as a salad, no rolling required)! Check out the video, too!

Here’s to the happy springing of your body.

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