The Lovely Lemon Situation.

I’ve been taking lots of cues from every cooking situation. And I’ve been bringing a lot of lemons with me.

What do we make when life gives us lemons?

Lemon Pudding!
Lemon Oregano Chicken! (coming soon)
Rosemary Pesto with lemon!
Honey Cake with lemon! (also coming soon)

T’is the season of bright, zesty flavors and the shedding of wintery, heavy tastes and cooking techniques.

The lovely lemon situation was a brilliant suggestion for my March menu title, granted to me from my friend and cook with dinner participant, Isabel. As we cooked our way through my most recent Cookwith Dinner Party menu, I was reveling on lemon’s ability to brighten most any dish without the need for more salt. Since I give high praise to lemons, I though it due time to acknowledge them.

Spring is a ripe time for all sorts of lovely lemon situations.

When I presented a recurring dinner series on Chinese Five Phase theory, I got to work closely with an acupuncturist to plan a menu designed for each of the five seasons (it includes indian summer). Lemon (and chicken) were always on the spring menu, along with the gorgeous array of bitter, young, and tender greens that are abundantly saying “hello” at the farmer’s markets these days.

Seasonal cooking in spring is light in preparation: more water methods, less time. Raw becomes suitable again, and zingy and sour is the reigning flavor (think rhubarb, the seasonal pucker).

Greens of course go swimmingly with lemon and olive oil, simple, done and done.

Is it a surprise that this time of year is when people are ready to freshen their diet, with a cleanse or detox or recommit to salads and green smoothies daily (with lemon, of course)? Spring it bright green and lemon, all around! 🙂 Lemons are supremely helpful in cleansing the body. Hence the theme of my March menu, a detox friendly dinner party! All recipes are naturally gluten, dairy, soy free as well as suitable for a basic elimination diet.

Here is a peak into the March cook with menu (below), and a taste of the most popular dish from this round of hands on dinner parties, my Green Garlic Pesto Sweet Potatoes (with a touch of lemon, pictured below).

Detox Friendly March Menu: Hands On Dinner Party!

Braising Mix Salad with Shredded Beets
Spring Herbs, Warm Cardamom Vinaigrette

Lemon Oregano Chicken

Green Garlic Pesto Sweet Potatoes

Balsamic Glazed Asparagus

Raw Carrot Cake with Slivered Almonds
Coconut Icing

*All Menu Items are 100% Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free.

Please note: over the next month I will be migrating this blog back over to the Abby’s Table website, for the purpose of consolidation and developing more recipes to my existing base! I’ll keep sharing stories about my cooking experiences, revelations, and offering you reasons to keep cooking and staying inspired yourself.

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